Ups and downs Becoming an Influencer
Ups and downs Becoming an Influencer

Ups and downs Becoming an Influencer

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It may take a long time to attract the attention of netizens, that you are an influencer on Social Media .

Getting thousands of followers does require a long spirit and prayer. However, influencers can actually start by making the job a side-job .

Many Influencers who initially only exist on Social Media , but still have full time jobs in their lives and make Social Media as a hobby.

Quoted from a course organized by Socialights, the Influencers Academy batch 3 program was conducted online for 30 days.

Here are the lessons we can learn about the ups and downs of being an Influencer:

Between Content Upload Consistency and Credibility

Wanting to be an Influencer means that you are ready to actively work in the internet world. You must be able to produce a lot of content every day, so that netizens glance at your social media .

Setting a schedule for creating content and consistently producing it is not enough. In fact, an influencer who incidentally is also a content creator, must build credibility.

One specific area that you define on social media you must fully master, because an influencer must be able to share knowledge in the field you master and find ways to get people to be influenced by the content you create.

If your audience already believes in you, then they will continue to wait for you to upload content. It’s as simple as they want to learn from you.

So if you are wrong in producing content, then be careful that the content will backfire on you.

Make sure that any content that you create does not cause controversy in the community.

Look for System Support it’s Important

Gaining popularity and real income from social media , there are still many people who still think that a career as an influencer is not a real career.

Even though you have been careful so that netizens don’t attack you, it is people who are close to you who attack you right now.

It is important for you to find people who love and support everything you do.

Now there are also many Influencer communities that can be a place for you to anchor, or be a support system for you to run a career as an Influencer.

You can join the Influencer community from Socialight, via the website

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Increase Engagement Rate

In this digital era , many people offer followers with the aim of getting high engagement because ideally an influencer must have at least 1000 followers .

Here are 3 reasons why fake followers are not profitable at all:

  1. In fact, fake followers are not at all profitable and even very detrimental. Fake followers can lower your credibility as an influencer .
  2. Fake followers are also not really interested in you, so they won’t give a lot of positive comments or likes on every content you upload,
  3. There are also many fake accounts that have been wiped out by Instagram. If it’s like this, the engagement you get from them will be mere spam.

If you are caught buying followers , your account will be flagged by social media and considered low, so the reach of your content will be limited.

Worse yet, the brand will not be interested in using your services as a partner or endorsement .

Instead of buying followers, the best way you can get lots of followers is to try to engage with them. Try to engage means that you are trying to establish a good relationship with them.

For example, someone wrote a positive comment on your content, then you should reply to the comment in a friendly manner.

It’s better to get organic followers , and become your loyal followers. Instead of non- authentic engagement

“Post 2 feed posts per week and 2 stories per day is ideal for building a following on the app. No matter what network you’re publishing to, you should strive to be an “active” participant,” a tip revealed by Adam Mosseri, as the Chief of the Instagram application itself,

From Adam Mosseri’s statement, it can be concluded that social media algorithms tend to reward those who actively create content.

Responding to Internet Trolls / Cyber ​​Bullying

When you become an influencer , you definitely can’t avoid attacks from internet trolls , or those who make bad comments on your social media accounts .

What you can do is stay strong and don’t think about all their negative comments that just waste your time and energy.

The 2 best ways to deal with internet trolls:

  1. You ignore and focus on only positive comments.
  2. You come up with the next content idea and prove that you’re not what they think you are.


Every profession we live in has its ups and downs. Not apart from being an Influencer which is actually a new profession in this digital era .

A stigma in society in the past still thought that the ideal career was to work in an office at a well-known company, in fact today is completely different and we have to adapt.

Don’t be afraid to be an influencer , can this profession make money or not? Then the answer is yes.

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