Career as a Content Writer in the Digital Age

Know what SEO Articles are – Career as a Content Writer in the Digital Age

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The field of content writing, or article writers, is quite attractive to the millennial generation and generation Z. Considering that content writing is one of the branches of the digital marketing field.

There have been many digital marketing companies that provide services to optimize digital platforms , including content writing that can optimize the company’s website platform .

Writing articles may not sound so difficult to some people, but if you hear the word “SEO”, this may be something new and unexpectedly plays an important role in the content writing process.


The Reason Why Becoming a Content Writer is an Okay Profession.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy for creating content, in this case the content is in the form of written articles.

A content writer can write articles in various types, both news and creative articles that are informative.

Writing content (content writing) by utilizing search engines so that the audience finds our content on the internet, is called SEO- friendly content.

The fifth session of Content Creator Training organized by the media company, PT Deras Literasi Indonesia, on Wednesday 18/01, then discussed the field of SEO content writing.

PT Deras Literasi Indonesia brought in a speaker named Mas Rahmad Agus Dwianto as CEO of a digital marketing company, Dlingo Digital Media.

Mas Agus considers the profession as a content writer to be quite promising and effective, he explained “one of the platforms on the internet that will not burn, if Friendster was burned in the past, is Google.”

“Being a content writer can work anywhere. You just need to work at home,” explained Mas Agus further.


Know what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO content writing is not just writing articles to share information, it is much more than that.

A content writer must be able to optimize one or more keywords (keywords) that are considered to be searched by the audience on search engines.

This means that a content writer must have good writing skills in processing sentences so that the predetermined keywords can be typed in each paragraph in the article.

Another purpose of writing SEO articles is to persuade the audience to be interested in the company or product that we introduce on the website .

Types of SEO Article Content

Types of SEO Article Content

SEO article content has several types with their own characteristics, characteristics, and goals. Depending on the needs of the content we want to write.

Before getting to know more about SEO articles and putting them into practice, it should be noted that all content written on one platform must have one theme.

Mas Agus said, “it will be easier for us as content creators to manage one platform , if we focus on one area that we want to share with the audience.”

Here are the types of SEO article content:

Homepage SEO

Homepage SEO is the main page or opening page on a website.

In the field of SEO content writing, the homepage becomes the main source of strength because the homepage is equipped with high keywords.

The homepage contains various summaries of the information on the website . Homepage is an introduction or brief but clear description of the content of the website.

The homepage contains the welcome, vision and mission, about the company, award galleries, and so on.

SEO- friendly articles

SEO – friendly articles are written by a content writer whose purpose is to meet the needs of updating blogs . SEO – friendly articles containing over 1000-1100 words are referred to from one, two or more keywords.

Other characteristics of SEO – friendly articles: meta descriptions are 150-160 characters long, use heading 1, heading 2, and heading 3, and one sentence usually consists of 20 words.

Pillar Articles

Pillar articles are the main articles on the website in a minimum length of 2000 words. Pilar articles are structured and more detailed.

Pillar article content specifically for high keywords , each article only uses one high keyword.

This article also makes it easier to win in business competitions because websites can be able to achieve popularity.

PBN Articles

PBN articles are not difficult to create. This article is only to support backlinks on the website.

PBN articles are made using one high keyword that is intentionally created to aim to build backlinks for business websites .

PBN articles only consist of a maximum of 500 words, and only use 2 headings. Each sentence consists of a maximum of 20 words.


Call to Action ! Ready to Become a Professional Content Writer

As a generation that collides with the digital world , it means that we as a young generation must be able to adapt to the digital world .

Starting to hone skills in one of the digital fields will be a valuable asset in building a career in the digital world, in this case one of them is a content writer.

Being a content writer means that you are able to tell stories, share information with all people in the world.

Creating memorable content that doesn’t make a lot of small talk, can be one of the personalities that a Content Writer must form .

A content writer must be a person with a good attitude, objective , and up to date on the news. So that later content writers are able to be responsible for their writing.

Thus the article entitled Knowing what SEO Articles are – Career as Content Writer in the Digital Age from, hopefully we can grow together to become better people.

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