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Confused about Creating Social Media Content? Pay attention to the stages of content creation below!

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The main job in being an influencer is diligently creating content. Sometimes it will be difficult for an influencer to find content ideas, where to start, what is the purpose of the content?

How do I create a script ? How do you find content ideas that will trend when released? A novice influencer will certainly find it difficult to answer questions like these.

Planning content creation is a stage to determine what kind of content you want to post and when is the right time to release it.

At the content creation stage , an influencer will carry out a series of plans in creating content for social media.

In one of the lessons in the 30 Days Becoming an Influencer course program , organized by Socialights online , the following are the stages of content creation .

Defining Content Purpose

Content purpose is one of the series at the planning stage to identify content based on its purpose. This is done to determine content based on the objectives or goals you want to achieve.

Content purpose is divided into 3:

  • Hero

Hero content is content whose target is a large and external audience, they can also be an audience outside your Niche .

Usually, hero content is made with consistent creation efforts and is carried out within a certain period of time.

One example of hero content is Signature content created by @awkarin , such as #KVLOG where the content tells about Karin’s daily life while on vacation.

awkarin - social media content creator
awkarin – social media content creator
  • Hub

Hub Content is a type of content that aims to attract a more specific target group , which is to provide value for content related to your niche .

Hub content is usually content that is attached to the interests or passions that the audience has in your niche, so it is usually used as a medium to open conversations and establish interactions with audiences with similar interests.

Examples of hub content are influencer @inezkristianti, an influencer who has a clinical psychologist & sexuality educator background .

Content owned by @inezkristianti focuses on sexuality, relationship, & woman issues. . This content can be included in the hub content because the content discussed includes values ​​and benefits aimed at the niche .

  • Hygiene

Slightly different from Hub content and Hero content , Hygiene content aims to do personal branding , meaning this content is created so that your audience knows more about yourself as an influencer.

Usually this content is in the form of Q&A so it is very free for followers to find out anything about yourself.

Content Category / Social Media Content Category: Grouping Content into Several Categories

The content category is the identification of content that can later be used as a label for the topic raised on an influencer ‘s social media platform .

How to combine them? You need to combine the Niche you have with Content Purpose first,

The function of categorizing content is as a label for the main topics you discuss through Social Media, it can also be used to limit the scope of content.

Limiting the scope of this content aims to make the content that is made more focused or grouped so that it is neater.

Grouping content into several categories also makes the audience not confused when looking for discussion topics on your Social Media platform .

Here are examples of content ideas that can be grouped into categories:

  1. Educational content
  2. interactive content
  3. Relationship content
  4. Entertainment content

Differences in Content Type and Content Format included in the Types of Social Media Content

After determining the Content Category to represent the big topic that you want to raise through your content on Social Media, now you must be able to distinguish content based on the format and type of content.

  • Content type

The type or type of content that can be uploaded depends on the features provided by the platform you are using.

  • Content Format

The type of content whose distribution is adjusted to the way it is presented. If the content type is likened to the components in food recipes such as vegetables, fruit, and rice. While the content format is fried rice, uduk rice and so on.

Each use of a content type or content format has its own pros and cons, so don’t get too hung up on making one type and format that is monotonous. It is also necessary to pay attention to the equipment (gears)  and the time you have in the production process.

For example, the Video post content type with Podcast format content is usually very engaging for people to see, but it also takes a relatively long time to make, as well as more gears so that the visual and sound quality is also good.

Practice Consistency in Content Production: Starting from Creating a Content Calendar / Scheduling Content Flying Hours

Content Calendar is a place where you put your ideas and content creation plans that you want for a certain period, either weekly or monthly. A content calendar can also be referred to as an Editorial Plan.

In Content Calendar , the process of creating content for an influencer is as follows:

  1. Set the desired content distribution based on content purpose and content category.
  2. Pouring a more specific picture of the idea by including references, content type, and content format.
  3. Decide which platform you want to use and when is the right time to upload your content.

The purpose of Content Calendar, is to make it easier for an influencer to share ideas and manage content execution time. It can even be used as a reference as a time alert . So, you are more disciplined to stay productive creating content.

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