6 Steps to Determine the Right Career for Us

6 Steps to Determine the Right Career for Us

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Deciding on the right career can be difficult for some. Usually if we don’t have skills that are not built from a young age, it will seem like we have surrendered to fate.

It means you don’t have a future goal, what kind of person you want to be, what profession you want to be in.

It is important for us to know what is inside us. What talent is hidden within us?

It is impossible for humans not to have expertise, we just need to be more sensitive to ourselves to find our identity. Here, you will find out how to determine the career for your future.

1. Find a Hobby That Makes You Comfortable and You Like

What do you like, what job makes you happy?

By having a hobby, you will be motivated to do these activities consistently into a routine.

Activities that are done repeatedly will make you get used to it and find it easy to do it.

Ideally you can start looking for your hobby at an early age. Since elementary school, the sooner you find what you like, the better. The more time you have to pursue this hobby.

2. Find a Skill You Are Good at

Unlike a hobby. Being active in a field so that it becomes a professional is a different matter. If a hobby is something that makes you feel comfortable and happy, then your field or expertise will be your capital for the future.

Hobbies can be a bridge for you to find the field you want to pursue. For example, you love to write a diary . Your ability to tell stories in the Diary book can develop into the field of literacy and literature.

The ability to tell stories can lead you to become a professional fiction writer.

If you are in a professional industry, you can jump into the creative industry.

A fiction writer can be a film scriptwriter, book writer, social media content scriptwriter, and so on. Even if you want to be more than just a fiction writer, you can switch to another writing field, such as an article content writer.

3. Identify Your Personality Traits

You are already proficient in the field and hobby that you are passionate about. You already feel like you want to be serious in this field as part of your job at the company.

However, if your personality is not in sync with the field you are in, it will be impossible for you to realize your dreams.

For example, you love to play musical instruments and sing. It feels like you are worthy and strong enough to compete in the music industry. You can write the notes of the music as well as the lyrics.

However, you have a self-confidence problem. You feel nervous when you appear on stage in front of a crowd.

Then you have to deal with that fear and nervousness. You have to be brave enough to break yourself down to become someone who is braver.

4. Have Many Options for Setting Career Targets

Knowing your hobbies and fields is not enough. From now on you have to find the career you want to pursue. What position would you like to hold in the company?

For example, you have good organizational skills. Then you can determine a career that is related to your abilities. Like being an event organizer or project manager.

If you love to write stories, it doesn’t mean you only have the option to become a writer. Someone who likes to write stories means that they have the ability to describe what they think and feel.

They are able to reflect on what happens in real life, then pour it into a story. If you can involve feelings in your writing, then it is possible for you to become an actor.

An actor needs a high ability to regulate emotions and feelings. If you feel able to express your feelings not only in writing, but it can also be in the form of concrete actions.

5. Talk to Industry Experts / Find Out from Those Who Already Have Long Flying Hours

You already know what you like. You already know what field you are good at. You also already know what career or position you want to pursue.

Then next you need to look for more relationships to find out more about work practices, working hours, progress , and opportunities.

Sometimes companies provide job descriptions that do not match our expectations. The style of working in a company can be different from our work style as an individual person. Then you need to find out how the world of work is.

Expand relationships and ask a lot of people who have worked in their field for years. Then you will get an idea whether you will be suitable for the job or not.

For example, you are an expert in writing article content for a company website , but the company asks you to create 10 pieces of content per day. Maybe you feel that you are not strong enough to fulfill the task.

If you find a case like this, then you can look for other work alternatives that make you more comfortable and reduce pressure.

6. Discover Your Core Values ​​/ Define Your Values ​​and Life Principles

Finding job vacancies as a content writer may have a lot of advertisements scattered. However, finding a company that matches our personality, or life principles is quite difficult.

Usually an HR will guess the principles or values ​​of life that we hold based on the results of our psychotest. If HR does not find a match between our personality and the company, then we will most likely not pass the interview.

It is important for us to look for companies that share roughly the same values ​​and principles as us.

For example, we are someone who cannot be bound by time, or lacks time discipline. Then a job with a freelance system might suit us.


There’s no way you don’t have the skills. Your career, what you want to be in the future, only you can determine.

There is no such thing as following the flowing water, everything needs careful planning. If you don’t have a plan, you will be confused about what career to build in the future.

Maybe now you’re going to say, “Take it easy. Still a long time. Haven’t even finished college yet.” But, believe me, it’s better to plan now than regret later.

Successful people always plan as neatly as possible until more than 20 years into the future what kind of person they want to be, what kind of dream career they are pursuing.

Are you an architect, doctor, teacher, and so on. You need to know who you are now before it’s too late and regret.

“Why didn’t I find out what I wanted earlier?”

Thus the article entitled 6 Steps to Determine the Right Career for Us from Tumbooh.com . Hopefully we can all always grow to be a better person.

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